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The Kwakiutl District Council is a Political organization representing ten of the fifteen bands of the Kwakwak'awakw (Kwak'wala speaking peoples). These bands are located on the northeastern and northwestern end of Vancouver Island and the adjacent mainland between Comox Valley to the south and Smith Inlet to the north. Each of the bands has its own distinctive name but, as a result of the work of early anthropologists, these bands, as a group have come to be widely know as the Southern Kwakiutl. Because of this, the District Council has found it politically advantageous to use the term "Kwakiutl" for its name. Overall the Kwakiutl District Council, in its various capacities, represents aboriginal people in the Kwakiutl Nation.

Reconstituted in 1979 out of the earlier North Island District Council, the Kwakiutl District Council was founded upon principles based in our aboriginal Title. The concept of Aboriginal Title holds that the Kwakwak'awakw are the rightful owners and managers of the lands, waters and natural resources that the ancestors of the Kwakwak'awakw have occupied and used since the beginning of time.  

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Kwakiutl District Council Health (KDC Health) provides preventative and health promotion services for 6 member nations on-reserve residents on northern Vancouver Island. 

The Member Nations include:
  • Mamalilikulla Qwe'Qwa'Sot'Em Band
  • Da'naxda'xw First Nation
  • We Wai Kum
  • We Wai Kai
  • K'omoks Band
  • Kwiakah Band


 "Gawalla xa hamattalla" - "Helping our People"