Capacity Support Services - Planning & Research Coordinator - Ken Barth

Role and Responsibilites

The Capacity Support Services staff provide capacity support services to the eight member Nations at the request of the member Nation's Chief and Council. The KDC Executive and the KDC Administrator also receive the support of the Capacity Support Services staff.

The Planning & Research Coordinator supports, and assists the member Nations' achievement of their goals and objectives in areas such as:

  • Comprehensive community plans
  • Community engagement
  • Professional and consultant recruitment
  • Land & Marine Use plans
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Impact Benefit Agreement negotiation
  • Geographic Information System implementation
  • Economic development plans
  • Land management plans
  • Communications 
  • Referrals management
  • Project Funding proposals
  • Project Coordination
  • Tourism Development plans
  • Infrastructure plans
  • Resource management policy and procedures
  • Wildlife management plans


"Plans help support a Nation's capacity to make more informed decisions on behalf of their community members so that the Nation may achieve their collective desired futures, or vision" (Ken Barth)